"A year ago I started looking for fresh ideas for a new portrait series. I had a retro toy robot that I bought a few years ago that I knew I wanted to do something with it but the story just wasn’t there. With this idea in my mind, I was making some research online when I came across a vintage photo of a scientist with his robot taken during the atomic era. It was so simple, yet so imperfectly fascinating that it captured my attention in a special way. There was so much to look at and so many aspects in it to come up with a story. In the end, it became the ultimate guideline to this project. PYOTR is the result of a major collaboration of so many talented artists who gave their best to this project and owned it as their own. Ivan literally became the scientist in the story and acted on set and it was a delight to shoot him. From the initial sketching to the end of the CGI process, it was a privilege to work with Featherwax. They are the true creators of the robot, Pyotr, and this project wouldn’t have been possible without them. Atilla, my partner in crime & dear friend in all of these projects, came up with the beautiful poster design, layout and typography for the whole project. Haluk Karslıoğlu provided the beautiful sketches and additional rendering for the concept art. And finally Ibrahim, Meltem and Kevser with their incredible help with Hair, make-up and styling made the whole project come together. I was very lucky to have all these talented people to work along with me to create and depict this tale of a unique robot for the people who appreciate retro futuristic photography with a story." Cihan Ünalan

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